Label: Bastard Jazz
Released: October 30

To say that Vancouver production duo Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical are unapologetic disciples of the late, great Detroit producer J Dilla would not be a stretch. Their sonic reverence has been rewarded by consistent collaborations with the much-lauded producer’s brother Illa J and close collaborators like Slum Village co-founder T3 and Frank Nitt. On their third album Mellow Fantasy, Potatohead People use their penchant for sloppy, sumptuous low-end beats as the foundation for their own impressive musical evolution, adding bolstered production and arrangement flair. Fusing appearances from veterans like Posdnuos of De La Soul, Moka Only, and the aforementioned T3 alongside emerging talents like vocalists Kendra Dias and Clear Mortifee, Potatohead People easily exceed well-meaning retread territory. —Del Cowie