You can say Devontée’s got the market cornered on excellence. Not only is the word contained in his signature phrase “WOE”—which Drake borrows in “Know Yourself” and stands for “working on excellence”—he’s also cousins with renowned freak of nature Stephen Curry. The Toronto rapper (who’s actually cousins with Curry’s wife, Ayesha) has an appropriately superb catalogue too, dropping six great projects (from District Vibe to this year’s Head Gone) over the last five years. “I was born in love with music,” he tells us. Hence, why he’s so prolific.

Though Devontée’s burly, mesmerizing brand of rap and R&B is ostensibly turn-up music, there are purposeful messages encoded in his bars. After dropping his hard-hitting-yet-airy project TAKE THIS IN over the summer, the artist says his goal is to keep on elevating. His strong work ethic, he says, has “helped me grow, helped others grow, allowed me to travel to some new places in the world, make money, learn, and open my mind to new experiences, which all brought me to the present day.”

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What’s the biggest thing you learned about yourself this year? 
How much clarity, confidence, and success comes from consistency in taking action towards goals… and that I’m actually able to stay in my house for two weeks straight without going outside, SMH lol 😂. (First interview with emojis.) 

Fill in the blank: the Canadian music industry needs more____. 
Devontée WOE. 

Tell me about one of the songs you're proudest of and the story behind it. 
The first song off my forthcoming project called EAZY PEEZY. I recorded it last summer in 15 minutes and it still sounds ahead of its time. I’m excited for my fans to hear my lyrics and flow with this extremely crazy production!!! 

Check out Devontée’s performance for First Up with RBCxMusic on IGTV.