It has been… a year. And while there’s certainly been no shortage of reasons to celebrate its impending end, we’re spending the final weeks of 2020 commemorating the bright spots in what’s been an otherwise flaming garbage dump of a year, celebrating the songs, albums and work that helped make the year a little more bearable. Things like these 10 music videos, which run the gamut from mainstays like The Weeknd and Drake to rising stars like Junia-T and Haviah Mighty, from over 1 billion views to under 2,500.

Because what makes a great music video is so much more than just how many views it racks up on YouTube. It’s about a compelling narrative, stunning cinematography, imagery that doesn’t just compliment a track but adds new layers and new depth to it, helping you appreciate the music in a new light. And these videos did just that. Here are the 10 best Canadian music videos of the year.