Despite falling victim to leaks, Trippie Redd had the guts to drop his latest album, Pegasus, in its entirety. After mounting this feat, Trippie decided to liken himself to Lil Wayne.

"I’m the real-life Lil Wayne now, you know what I’m saying?" the Ohio native claimed. "I dropped a leaked album. My shit like Carter V, boy. Fuck you talking 'bout?"

Trippie might be hot right now, but nothing can stack up to Wayne when Wayne had it. Weezy came into his final form towards the beginning of the blog era. At this time, rap and the internet were merging in ways never seen before leading to massive leaks. Because he was the biggest rapper in the game, Wayne was victimized by leaks several times leading up to the release of Tha Carter III

Although things were tighter around the time Tha Carter V was slated to drop in 2018, Wayne's forced exile made fans think of ways to bypass barriers and leak Tha Carter VYet, these leaks did nothing but help promote the album as both Tha Carter III and Tha Carter V put up massive first-week numbers.

Trippie's Pegasus was leaked this summer. But unlike Wayne, he moved forward with the project without swapping out songs that would make the official version different from the leaked album. Yet, this didn't hurt Pegasus as much as one would expect. The album moved over 60,000 units and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. So even though his Wayne comparison is pretty blasphemous, Pegasus—along with other successful singles and projects—has helped Trippie solidify himself as one of the pillars of rap's new generation.