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There is currently no footage of the actual shooting that’s available to the public, although TMZ says a cell phone recording does exist. “We're told police have been notified that there is cell phone video of the shooting,” TMZ reports. “Our law enforcement sources tell us they have not put eyes on that video yet—again, witnesses have been difficult—but, obviously, if they do see it, it could dramatically change the case.” There is video footage that captures the moments immediately after the shooting, however. In the video, a woman believed to be Megan Thee Stallion is seen limping backwards with her hands in the air. Another woman is also seen kneeling on the ground. When the video was first shared, fans believed Megan had been arrested as well, but the rapper set the record straight during an Instagram Live session. There are also some details and materials that could be used as additional evidence in this case. Tory Lanez was charged with having an unregistered gun in his possession at the time of arrest, so the weapon will likely be entered as evidence in court. There are also witnesses. Though not in the district attorney’s official release, Megan’s friend Kelsey Nicole said she was present in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Megan has also alleged Tory was accompanied by his security team that night.