Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is one of the world's most iconic estates. As a result, one up-and-coming artist decided to use the home as the setting for his new music video.

MJ fans came across rapper Daeshard's video, "Hood." In the visual, Daeshard is delivering his bars in various areas of the Neverland Ranch. Daeshard insists that he had permission to shoot the video at the ranch, but Colony Capital—which owns the home—begs to differ. 

Sources tell TMZ that the security saw three individuals with three GoPro cameras and an iPhone shooting the video in July. Employees informed Daeshard that he was trespassing and ordered him to leave the ranch. In fact, the only reason that security didn't call the police is because Daeshard made it seem like he complied with requests to delete the footage. 

Yet, sources claim that Daeshard and his crew intentionally hid the footage when confronted by authorities. This allowed them to keep enough clips of him rapping throughout the ranch to create the video. Although the video is unauthorized, Daeshard continues to promote his work and even posted a picture from inside the Neverland Ranch. 


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