Late last month, classical composer, pianist and electronic producer Jamie Norton assumed his Fougère to release a stirring piano piece called "Movement". Haunting yet absorbing, the piece was far from any typical definition of "dance music", but in a sense, that's exactly what it was designed for. "One of my sons loves to dance and I noticed he starting moving sometimes to this piece when walking into the room," he explains. "If I played it too slow, he stopped; if I played it too fast, he did the same. I've always been interested in the idea that form should follow function and how this might be applied in music. It can help me simplify the process; did it make him want to dance? Yes or no."

Returning to the piece, he's called on Hot Chip's Joe Goddard to play up to the theme of dance, bringing his club expertise to swap the keys for warm synth pads. Goddard — known for the brightly coloured club sounds that made his output as both a solo producer and as one quarter of Hot Chip such enduring dancefloor favourites — brings a similar energy to his reimagining, but still maintains the subtlety and restraint that made the original so absorbing.

Joe Goddard's remix of "Movement" drops tomorrow (November 18). Listen below and pre-order it here.