Lil Jon won't be another artist to get twisted into the wicked web of politics. 

Lil Jon made it clear which side of the fence he stood on when he fired back at Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar for using his lyrics to gloat about the percentage of votes he received in the state's District No. 4.

"69.69 damn that’s fine," the Republican tweeted. "What say you @LilJon."

"DONT QUOTE MY SONGS BRUH," the producer and rapper fired back. "ON ANOTHER NOTE R You GONN HELP 45 PACK HIS SHIT UP." 

Instead of respecting Lil Jon's wishes, Gosar continued to try to go bar-for-bar with the rapper by using his lyrics as a comeback. This forced Lil Jon to take the gloves off and let Gosar know that sometimes real life can be funnier than a troll. 

"WHENS YOUR VICTORY PARTY AT FOUR SEASON TOTAL LANDSCAPING??" Lil Jon said in reference to Rudy Giuliani's mix up. After checking Gosar, his opponent Delina DiSanto thanked Lil Jon for putting Gosar in his place.

"Just think. @DrPaulGosar had to rub his ego. And thank you @LilJon for calling Gosar out," she tweeted. "I'm honored that over 117,000 #AZ04 voters voted for me. They know Gosar is not representing them, taking their healthcare away, voting against stimulus monies, a conspiracy theorist & more."

Drama aside, Lil Jon recently worked with Ying Yang Twins on the song "Twerkin in the Mirror." You can check it out below.