Brooklyn's Fivio Foreign has dropped a video for his new track "Trust," another song produced by his frequent collaborator AXL Beats

The brief but sweet track features the rapper effortlessly gliding over the skittering production, and it's accompanied by a simple video of Fivio hanging with his crew. The production is a little lighter than we've come to expect, with a more melodic approach, but it's still very much a Brooklyn drill track through and through. Earlier this month, he also teamed-up with Big Sean and Hit-Boy for "Salute."

The new track from Fivio comes after he denied allegations that he physically assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, which is something that even his girlfriend has denied. "I appreciate y'all support and concerns and prayers... But I ain't neva hide nuffin I do or deny who I was," he wrote on Twitter "I wud neva hurt or harm any prengant woman especially not my GF. My mother wud kill me, plus I'm raise'n 2 blacc lil gurls. & Woman do everything for me in my my life. In relationships people argue and have disagreements, Whoeva kno is kno we been argue’n we argue & we Weill always argue." His girlfriend, meanwhile, said the assault arrest happened because of a "nosy" neighbor.

Watch the video for "Trust" above.