Back in July, we brought you news of French producer Kartell's return to music after a hiatus of several years. He marked his return with the release of a new collab with Che Lingo, "All In", as well as the announcement that he'd shortly be releasing a new EP. Today he returns with the second single, "Time", and he's teamed up with London-based singer and producer Qendresa and Tottenham rhymer Coops. As with its predecessor, "Time" keeps one foot in the club with heavy nods to '80s pop and disco beneath Qendresa's breathy vocals and Coops' understated, laid-back bars. Swirling together pop, disco, house music, hip-hop and soul, the new EP is shaping up to be something quite special.

"The chords from 'Time' have been in a corner of my head for the last four years", Kartell explains. "It's a nostalgic track that echoes the complexities of a romantic relationship. Qendresa gives the lead vocals to the track, while rising rap star Coops completes the mix."

"Time" is lifted from Kartell's upcoming new EP, Daybreak, which is due for release early next year via Roche Musique.

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