After dropping his BAD TASTE EP earlier this year, Jeshi has unveiled the visuals for his pensive new single, "Mask On". Produced by Pullen & Tev'n, "Mask On" lifts the lid on the many ways in which we all wear metaphorical masks in a time where we're all wearing physical ones.

True to his form of dropping his unique, free-wheeling spin on UK rap, the Walthamstow rapper confronts masculinity and vulnerability face-on, questioning material desires and emotions throughout the reflective new track.

"I wrote 'Mask On' working with Pablo sometime last year," Joshi told Complexover email. "It deals with the metaphorical masks we all wear, whether that's just a fake smile, or the material things like the nice house, car or jewellery we use to shield whatever it is you’ve got going on inside from outsiders. I grew up feeling like I could never be vulnerable; I've still got a lot of that to shake off. I'm still walking around in the mask, too."

The video's director, Walid Labri, told Complex: "The keyword in this video is elevated reality, and this whole visual is about Jeshi trying to be heard but his attempts at being heard are not being recognised as if he has a mask on, whether it's him shouting off a top of a cliff alone, hopelessly talking to someone on the phone, locked out and trying a last ditch effort to be heard through a peephole, or attempting to get the attention of driver who isn't trying to listen but rather drive."

Tune into the visuals for "Mask On" above.