Bangladeshi singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dameer may be still in his teens, but he's already explored a tonne of different sounds, from to disco to psychedelia, alt-pop to new wave, and his drive to try new things is as powerful as ever. To say he's a prodigious talent would be an understatement.

Having made the move from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur, Dameer's full focus is on his music, framing his myriad influences in a lo-fi pop framework as he explores topics ranging from politics to mental health. In the case of his new single, "Believe", he uses an '80s-style new wave template to detail the emptiness felt in the wake of a breakup and the unquenchable desire for closure. Crooning smoothly over the twinkling synths, Dameer dives right into that emptiness, puncturing it with just a hint of absurdity.

"'Believe' is about romantic PTSD," Dameer explains. "It's about wanting to move on from a past relationship but not being able to, seeing her in every potential romantic partner. I stopped trusting my instincts, I stopped believing in myself. It's an absurd feeling."