Earlier this month, Kanye West told fellow artists not to invest in clothes, cars, and other expensive purchases, but in land and property instead. Trippie Redd, who has expressed his agreement with 'Ye's war on record labels, has very much taken Kanye's advice to heart and has invested in property.

"I got a new goal, every album I drop I'm buying property along with it," he said in an Instagram Story. "I drop Peagsus, I'm dropping half a million, million-dollar bag on some land. No cap. You gotta look at it like this, in my boat I make about, five to six million a year. So if I drop two albums and I invest in a property every time I drop an album, say three years go pass. I own six pieces of land that I done paid half a million to a million dollars for, regardless of where its at. It’s gon’ work for me in the future. On top of that, you ain’t shit unless you own something in this world. Fuck a chain, fuck some cars."

In another video he shared on Instagram on Sunday, he appeared to show off the land he purchased himself. “Listen man, Kanye ain’t wrong. Y’all supposed to... everybody should want this for themselves. Land, land, land," he said.

Kanye's initial run of tweets from earlier this month saw him tell followers to "By land," "Use government money and buy land," and "Buy property. It's worth noting that Kanye owns a $14 million ranch in Wyoming, so it's clear that he's very passionate about owning land.

Trippie Redd is expected to drop his new studio album Pegasus later this month, with features from the likes of PartyNextDoor and Busta Rhymes.