Next month (October 16), Australian musician, producer and head of 823 Records, Ta-ku will release a newly-curated compilation he's put together with Jakarta Records. The new 14-track album will feature a host of smouldering lo-fi electronics from producers around the world.

They first kicked off the announcement with the release of "Serenity", a contribution from Dutch producer eevee, and now they're back with two more tracks from the collection: "Somehow" from Finnish indie producer Idealism, and Ta-ku's own "Remember Me". Idealism's piece centres around a melancholic piano line that twinkles with a rainy day chill while Ta-ku's warms the listener back up with some deep, soulful grooves some jazzy flourishes that crackle like a fire's embers.

Take them both in below and look out for the rest of All Things Considered Vol. 1 when it drops October 16.