UK funky standard bearer and sound system legend LR Groove has been a mainstay in the UK underground since the late '90s, largely thanks to his hunger for innovation. Case in point, his new single "Fak' uSos" with South African vocalist Toya Delazy, which sees the pair tie together the colouful bounce of funky with the powerful, low-end thunder of gqom.

With its deep, rumbling basslines, DIY infrastructure and leftfield sensibilities, it should come as no surprise that the South African sound of gqom has found a passionate fanbase in the UK. It's something the likes of Scratcha DVA, Nan Kolè and others have been exploring for a few years and this mix of SA and UK sounds so natural you'll wonder why there isn't more of it. 

"Fak' uSos" and B-side "Format" arrive September 4 via Jamz Supernova's Future Bounce.

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