Having grown up between South Florida and West Germany, Robert "ESCHES" Summerfield's music has a surprising sort of mid-Atlantic quality to it. On the one hand, there's the influence of stateside soul and R&B and on the other there's a more European brand of electronica, all coming together for a sound he describes as "like melting marshmallows." 

Tomorrow, September 4, the Vienna-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist will release his new single "Levitate Us", a mercurial piece of soulful electronica with just a hint of influence from the jazz world — at least in arrangement. You can get the first listen of the new single at the top and then keep an eye out for the as-yet-untitled EP it's taken from, which is set to drop later in the year. 

Explaining how the track came together, ESCHES commented, "'Levitate Us' has this pull to it — musically and lyrically, it's heading somewhere, constantly. I love the fact that it has these quirky little nuances, like rhythmic layers that almost sound like an animal trying to break free, and multiple sonic worlds just melting together. The song was developed in three steps — I wrote it on a basic instrumental I produced, then OSIVE, Sixtus Preiss and I had these super intense sessions in Vienna, then we finished it by just sending things around. Brave new world, so to speak. I have the feeling this process definitely worked for the track — it's about negotiating distance, and this naive sort of honesty. I added the Rhodes in the very end, it's great when sounds and lyrics resonate together as one."