Artist and producer Knox Fortune has announced the release of his sophomore album Stock Child Wonder on Oct. 30 via Nice Work.

The effort is set to feature a handful of indie mainstays from his hometown of Chicago, including Lala Lala, Will Miller from Whitney and Resavoir, Colin Croom and Jack Dolan of Twin Peaks, Macie Stewart of Ohmme, as well as Grammy-winning producers Nate Fox and Pomo and Grammy-nominated producers Carter Lang and Pete "Scum" Nebula.

Knox is celebrating his impending project with the arrival of its second single, “Shirtless,” which arrives on the third anniversary of his debut LP Paradise. With its release on the first day of fall, the track sonically encapsulates that end-of-summer nostalgia, boasting guest appearances from Lang, Croom, and Stewart.

In late July, Fortune released the first single and accompanying video from Stock Child Wonder, “Sincerity.” Listen to his newest track “Shirtless” below.