2 Chainz and Big Boi became the latest among the famous to square off on an episode of Family Feud.

On Thursday night's celebrity-themed edition of the long-running game show franchise, the two artists —with their respective teams Real U and Patton Clan—competed televisionarily to the tune of an eventual $25,000 donation to charity.

As Family Feud isn't exactly the kind of show made better by someone like me meticulously writing out its every twist and turn, you can instead enjoy the episode via the YouTube-shared clips below, and/or grab the full episode via the on-demand service of your choice.

Recently, the Steve Harvey-hosted show welcomed Fall Out Boy and Weezer—who would currently be out on the road together with Green Day were it not for COVID-19—for a similarly enjoyable friendly showdown of sorts.

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz's new album So Help Me God—the title of which (though it could be a coincidence) was famously once a contender for the name of a Kanye West project that more or less became The Life of Pablo—has been delayed. According to Chainz himself, the delay is due to a pair of sample clearance issues, as well as more work needed in order to finish up a skit that's included on the tracklist: