New York rapper Saigon has returned with seven-track project featuring appearances from Clemm Rishad and Kool G Rap among others.

"We're living in historic times and I hope I created something that makes one reflect so that when we’re able to look back, the music fits the way these society ills made us feel at the time," said Saigon upon releasing the record.

He also stressed that the current socio-political climate informed his approach on the project. "In the wake of Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor and so many others who’ve died unjustly, the track 'Pain in My Life 2' is very important to me because the affects of police brutality leapt off of news headlines and onto to my family’s personal doorstep with the murder of cousin George Floyd," he explained. "Overall, I hope people enjoy the art... It’s just the way I express myself." 

Listen to 777: The Resurrection above.