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If the rap game was Scarface, Roddy Ricch would be staring out of a window looking at a blimp that read: "The World is Yours."

Roddy's debut album, Please Excuse Me for Being Anti-Social, has put him on the fast track to superstardom. This has been accompanied by featured success like his appearance on DaBaby's "ROCKSTAR." While most people would take time to bask in these accomplishments, Roddy tells GQ that he's been hard at work. 

During the interview that was published on Monday, Roddy stated that he has enough songs to drop an album right now if he wanted to.

"Could I drop a new album right now? Yes. Will I? No," Roddy said. 

It has become trendy to shower fans with projects so that their well of new music never runs dry. A lot of artists try to mimic this move and produce albums or tapes that don't land as well as they could have due to timing. Roddy understands this. And even though his album might be "ready," he doesn't feel like everything else is aligned. 

"It’s really not about it being ready or not ready. It’s more about the timing," Roddy said before claiming that he wants his next album to be even more impactful than his debut. 

"I really just drop when I feel like it," he continued. "The next album is going to be a full blown masterpiece. A real idea. A real body of work."

This focus on being great has allowed him to take social distancing and quarantine in stride. He tells GQ that he makes less music now due to social distancing, but he uses this time away from the studio to get in touch with his thoughts before having a creative binge. 

"Honestly, nah. Maybe I make a little less music but I feel like for me right now less is more," he said. "Because then when I step in the booth I’ll say some crazy shit. I could work for two or three days and make 50 songs. And then I’ll step away for like a week. Less is more. Spending more time figuring out how I feel and figuring out different things around me."