As we near the 2020 presidential election, people are looking for any and every opportunity to clown Donald Trump. A recent video of Trump’s wife Melania declining to hold her husband’s hand as they get off Air Force One provided the perfect fodder for people to mock the president.

Rihanna, among many others, reposted the video making fun of Trump’s marriage. RiRi added a soundtrack to the incident, scoring it with her 2016 hit "Needed Me.”

"Melania likes art," Rihanna wrote in the caption, making note that there are 78 days until the Nov. 3 election. The singer is referring to her previous post, where she spray painted “Fuck Trump.”

50 Cent also shared the video, writing “She don’t want to hold his hand. LOL.” LOL indeed, Curtis. Check out some other reactions below.

We love to imagine that Melania as a trapped matron, subject to the same horrors that her husband unleashes on everyday Americans. How could he be re-elected? Even his own wife doesn't like him! But it's important to remember that Melania is no victim here. She chose to marry Trump, and she continues to support and stand by him as he actively dismantles pillars of this country, including the US Postal Service. So maybe we should focus our attention on that.