When the humidity's high and it's oppressively hot outside, that kind of weather dictates a slower, woozier tempo. So let's all be grateful for Rvdical The Kid who's just teamed up with Ghanaian singer, rapper and force majeur Amaarae for a psychedelic bubbler called "NASA" that shimmers and twinkles with exactly the kind of laid back chill these stifling August afternoons call for.

As is always the case with Rvdical's productions, the beat for "NASA" is filled with subtle little details without becoming overcrowded. That sets the scene perfectly for Amaarae's delicately-laid vocals to flutter in for what she describes as "the theme song if Rick and Morty got loaded on shrooms, hopped on a spaceship and landed at an intergalactic strip club with a back room brothel where Black Chyna is the madam." 

Speaking on how the collab with Amaarae came about, Rvdical explained, "When Amaarae heard it she knew exactly what to do. Getting her bars off about intergalactic strippers and riding the beat like a spaceship. This record is a demonstration of me and Amaarae trading beats for bars."