Last year, the Los Angeles Police Department raided YG's Hollywood Hills home in search of information connected to a fatal shooting involving his car. At the time, he explained that he was "nowhere near the scene of this incident," and that he was recording in the studio all day. In a new interview with The Morning Hustle, YG opened up about what it was like to have police burst into his home with guns while his children were present.

"The police came, raided my house... With me and my family and my kids," YG explained. "They come through like four in the morning. We asleep, the helicopter had come around and all that. They bang the door in trying to get in the door, so I go downstairs, I open the door... boom! They draw down on me. That’s normal, but my kids at the time were 4 years old and 6 years old. They upstairs in the room with their mama."

He complied with the authorities, but he went on to explain that they threatened his children with the same force, which he said crossed the line. "They go up in the room and they got the big AKs all in my little kids’ face like, 'Don’t move,'" he continued. "I’m like, bro, what the fuck is y’all doing? Y’all got me fucked up. They doing this to my little kids. And these are little girls." Looking back on the experience, he said that he knew exactly why it went down that way. "I'm from the streets though, you feel me? So it's like I got a target on my back already from that and I know that, so it ain't really nothing to talk about," he said. "When you're from a certain area, the police gon' fuck with you."

Elsewhere during the interview, he also entertained the idea of voting for Kanye West for President. He asked the hosts if they were voting for him, to which they all said they would rather vote for Joe Biden. "Really?" he asked. 

"Ain't none of them people's minds right, but everybody got a problem with Kanye because he know that his mind is messed up and he say it," YG said. "So people was scared, but it's like, Trump mind fucked up. His shit fucked up too. ... All them n***as probably got mental health problems, man." In a previous interview, he said he believes people are "underestimating" Kanye.

Watch the full interview above.