Rushy has finally unveiled his debut EP, Stress 3.

Following a strong 2019, with tracks like "ATM" and "Trippidy Trip" cutting through and making noise, the West London rapper and Complex one-to-watch is ready to show that he's in it to win it with his first proper project. 

Featuring previous single drops "Faces" and "S3 Way", Rushy stays in the wavey-trap lane across the 7-track set. With Honeywoodsix on production duties, standout cuts include "Need Money" and the KO-assisted "Streets Again"; other collaborators include fellow Straight3 members Lano ("Harder") and RomyJo ("Faces", "Big Vibe").

"Not gonna lie: if it wasn't for Roilan and RomyJo, most of my music wouldn't even be made," Rushy said in a recent interview. "If it wasn't through my friends bringing in links, like studios, showing us who to do videos with — if I didn't have all of that, I don't know how it would have came out in the beginning... 'Trippidy Trap' might never have even been made."

Stream Stress 3 in full below.

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