Perfectly timed with the (most likely) horribly misguided decision to end the lockdown in the UK, Bristol indie four-piece Tungz are today sharing their new single "Go Out". Recorded before lockdown, the timing for this slice of escapism couldn't have been better. Of course, we're all going a bit stir crazy and it's understandable we'd want to go out, so chances are this one's going to speak to your very soul.

Not only that, but it's beyond catchy. The upbeat and breezy tone of the track owes to its mix of indie, pop and just a hint of funk in its snapping rhythms. It's a mix they describe as "hi-fi bedroom pop", which gives you a pretty good idea of how they sound and makes its arrival at the height of summer even more fortuitous.

Speaking with Complex about the new single via email, vocalist and songwriter Nicky Green said: "Jamie [Maier] and I spent eight months sofa surfing and sharing rooms while we were looking for a place and saving money to move to London. Because we were moving around so much, the song ended up being written in four different places. I wrote it as a conversation with myself. It's about carrying too much weight in your soul without realising and getting exhausted with a routine that's no good for you."

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