Having worked well together on the 2018 certified gold hit "Sail Away", Møme and Ricky Ducati recently reconnected to create a whole album together. The result is Flashback FM (due early next year) and, as the name suggests, it'll be a collection of nostalgic takes on French pop and West Coast hedonism; specifically disco, electro, hip-hop and funk. To give us an idea of what's in store, the pair have just revealed the project's first single, "Got It Made", as well as some fresh new visuals.

Similar to how the radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto games transport the player to a specific mood or moment in time, "Got It Made" suggests Flashback FM will do the same. Slick, stylish and just a little irreverent in a uniquely French way (the surreal visuals play that last element up particularly well), "Got It Made" is a highly danceable take on the unabashed decadence of the 1970s and '80s.

Speaking with Complex via email, Møme explained, "We imagined 'Got It Made' as a time travel to the '70s/'80s Los Angeles, taken from an imaginary pop radio station — we really would have loved to know California at this time. We wanted the video to be a visual interpretation of it, which ended up being something completely unique, flashing back to two crash test dummies (us) dancing their feelings into this time period, enjoying the ride."