Until recently, you may have felt like you were alone for feeling anxious about social events, but it's become an increasingly open secret that your pre-party dread is more common than you think. In fact, ravers and DJs alike are opening up more and more about their anxiety and singer-producer Goldroom is the latest to add his voice to the conversation with his new single "Guess I'm Jaded".

Assisted by indie three-piece Moontower, the song presents its tale of those often overwhelming feelings with an upbeat funk-meets-disco vibe, but just like the fake smile you put on to pretend everything's fine, that ominous feeling remains ever-present in the background. The biggest take away of all is that vocalising these feelings is the best thing you can do and will ultimately set you on the path to overcoming them.

Listen to "Guess I'm Jaded" exclusively below.

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