It's been quite a journey for Hackney rapper 23 Unofficial; he's seen and done more than many of us will in a lifetime and enjoyed a huge amount of success along the way. 

That's what informs his new single "No Handouts", a pensive new offering gilded with the fluttering vocals of M.O's Nadine Samuels. Originally released last month, the new The Takeoff extract has just been given some touching visuals that see 23 take a moment to take stock of it all and connect with what's important to him.

Looking back on everything he's achieved, he considers the long road he's taken to where he is today, weighing up the choices he's made and giving thanks to all those that have helped him through it, particularly his family. Graced with a sweetly sung hook from Samuels, "No Samuels" and its celebration of hard work could well find him some chart success to add to his growing accolades.