As if Alfredo couldn't get any better, Freddie Gibbs continues to add to the plate with the release of the project's latest video, "Scottie Beam."

Freddie took a line from his first verse—"I'd hate to be on the run for smoking a officer/We busting at police before Queen & Slim, that's on FN"—and created a visual based on Melina Matsoukas' 2019 film. Similar to the Lena Waithe-written movie, Freddie and a woman are traveling a back highway in a drop-top Chevy when they encounter a police officer. An altercation occurs resulting in Gibbs shooting the cop. Suddenly he and his companion are on the run and heading to Florida like the characters in Queen & Slim. He encounters Rick Ross, who serves as his ally, giving Gibbs and his accomplice money and a place to stay while also delivering a masterful feature verse. Ross is donning Isiah Thomas gear, making a callback to Freddie's first verse.

"Spark spliffs, raw kicks I get from Clark Kent/Common sense, no prints, strictly the mob hits," Rozay raps. "Exhale weed, shipment from the West/My brain begin to seize when I'm needing rest/Kobe Bryant when we speaking very best/I pray for Gigi, wonder if she get to see me next."

During Ross' verse, Freddie and his companion make it to a boat and pay a man to get them out of the country. The video draws omparisons to Queen & Slim up to this point, where instead of going down in a blaze of glory, Gibbs actually gets away and lives out the rest of his life in Jamaica. 

Watch the "Scottie Beam" video above.