6ix9ine seems to spark controversy even when he's not directly involved. 

On Sunday, 6ix9ine and Akon previewed "Locked Up Part 2" in which Akon allowed 6ix9ine to sample his classic record so he could tell stories about his time in prison. Through his Chixtape series, Tory Lanez has become the king of flipping early 2000s samples into new, revamped songs. So when he saw that Akon had allowed 6ix9ine to use the record but not him, Lanez had something to say. 

"So what y’all telling me is .... Akon gave the #LockedUpRemix / SAMPLE to someone else !?!?? And not me?!????" Lanez tweeted. "I’m going back to bed man."

Lanez's comment started to make its rounds on the internet, leading Pretty Ricky member Spectacular to leave a comment claiming the singer "stole" some of the group's hits. 

"You should have just stole it like Grind on Me and Your Body," Spectacular wrote. "Why stop now ..... Just keeping it 2 Virgils."

Tory Lanez flipped the group's "Grind on Me" record for his track "Slow Grind" from Chixtape 4. He then took over Pretty Ricky's "Your Body" for "Yessirr" from Chixtape 5. Although these tracks are heavily sampled, Tory made it clear that he paid to use these records. 

"STOLE WHAT ??!?" Lanez wrote in response to Spectacular on his Instagram Story. "Actually I BOUGHT from whoever signed u and publishes your music ... But I guess you weren't apart of that conversation go stare into someone eyes and rub on someone thighs and leave me outta this one."

This prompted Spectacular to respond to Tory claiming that the group owns their masters so Tory couldn't have purchased the rights.

"I let you sample out RECORDS," he wrote on his IG Stories. "You didn't ask us, you put it out without our permission. And we still let it ride. ... After you did some bad business on a record that I paid you 4 my single but hey I still love and support you." 

In a subsequent video, Spectacular gives more details on the issue at hand. After Tory released "Slow Grind," Spectacular says Tory was trying to get him on "Yessirr," but he couldn't get on it because he was on tour. Tory still released the song anyway.

 Spectacular then claims he lost $350,000 independently on "She Don't Love U," a collaboration with Tory Lanez, Rich Homie Quan, and Compton Menace, because Tory "ran off on him."

"And you still, to this day, never made that right," he says. "And then still after that, I still cleared "Yessirr" for you. Like I said, I own my masters. Can't get anything cleared without me giving the green light bro. You know exactly what I was talking about, stop trying to fool the people."


Despite the conflict, Spectacular still wanted to support Tory. "I supported you even though you did me wrong cause that's what I do."