T.I. has addressed the recent comments made by an Atlanta megachurch pastor, who described slavery as a "blessing" during a recent interview with Lecrae and Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy.

In an Instagram Live session this week that kicked off with T.I. remarking there was "a lot of shit going on," he first spoke briefly about Lecrae's appearance in the clip, noting that he has respect for the Christian artist.

"I saw the little devil on his shoulder like 'N****, you ain't gonna say nothing?' … But, you know, he exercised extreme caution and I can respect that because that's better than me." T.I. added that, were it him in the clip, he would have "tested [megachurch pastor Louie Giglio's] jaw."

From there, T.I. gave his assessment of Giglio's intentions.

"I don't know if he's trying to impress because that's another thing that white people do," he said. "They ain't all the way racist [but] they're like 'OK, I'm not a racist but I know have racist followers and I don't wanna alienate them so I still like my racist customers to be comfortable when they come through here.' So that's what it felt like to me."

As for the tangent from the pastor regarding the benefits of slavery, T.I. laughed about how the man who spoke with such confidence when letting loose the widely trashed comments in question is now attempting to claw his way into good graces with an apology.

"I see the same person who spoke with such confidence—I'm talking about he had his chest out, his shoulders back, head up high—saying this shit in a black man's face … and now I see him and he's kind of slunched over and it seems like his confidence has been snatched out of his body," T.I. said.

After mocking the pastor's apology, T.I. continued:

"They could give a fuck less about what we think or how we feel," he said. "They only care about how much we spend. With Giglio, for example, that meant speaking awful ideas with confidence until the numbers started looking bad."

"It was really a numbers game, bruh," T.I. said. 

Watch his full comments below: