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Arizona-based singer-songwriter Nic Pool is currently gearing up for the imminent release of his new self-titled EP. As the August release date approaches, today sees the reveal of lead single "Punk Rock & Ice Cream", a moody, soulful piece of electronica produced by Emmy Wildwood (who also co-wrote the song with Pool) and recorded at their home studio during lockdown. 

A recurring theme with Nic Pool's music is nostalgia, often looking back wistfully at youthful romance and coming-of-age stories. "Punk Rock & Ice Cream" is no different, telling the tale of those days spent trying to impress your crush with sweet treats and music you hope they'll think is cool. Highly relatable to anyone who's ever felt the pang of unrequited love, this one should send you rushing back to those bittersweet days.

If you buy the track via Bandcamp here, all proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.