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After taking a break from major releases out of respect for the Black Lives Matter Movement last week, artists slowly rolled out new music over the past few days. Lil Baby released a new protest anthem in response to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, addressing police brutality and racism. Pop Smoke’s estate released the Rowdy Rebel-assisted “Make It Rain,” the lead single from his forthcoming posalbum. Buddy dropped an unapologetic track about Black culture, and RMR has made his grand introduction with his debut EP, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art. 

Here is the best new music of the week. And to keep up with all of the latest music drops, follow our playlist on Spotify here

Pop Smoke f/ Rowdy Rebel, “Make It Rain” 

The first single from Pop Smoke’s posthumous album is here. On “Make It Rain,” Pop spits about not being able to trust people, as he leans into a rapid-fire flow. “I make it rain, that Woo weather/Bitch, I’m a dog, a blue devil/I got the hoes like Hugh Hefner,” he raps. The track also includes a verse from Rowdy Rebel, who is currently incarcerated. The record’s interlude reveals that Rowdy recorded his verse over a prepaid collect call, but the audio is pretty clear as he raps, “I got the call behind the wall that it’s still it it, then fuck it.” “Make It Rain” will appear on Pop Smoke’s debut album, which was delayed due to nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd. 

Lil Baby, “The Bigger Picture”

Lil Baby is getting political as he addresses the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor on his latest track. “Bigger Pictures” opens with news clips reporting on the protests that have spread across the nation in response to Floyd and Taylor’s deaths. Listeners can also hear protesters chanting “I can’t breathe,” Floyd’s last words, before diving into a verse about police brutality and corruption. “It’s too many mothers that’s grieving/They killing us for no reason/Been going on for too long to get even/Throw us in cages like dogs and hyena,” he raps. Lil Baby’s protest song should come as no surprise, as it arrives just days after the rapper was spotted at a protest in Atlanta on June 8, where he led a crowd on bicycles (as seen in the song’s cover art). 

RMR, “Nouveau Riche”

“Nouveau Riche” is another melodic track from RMR that finds the masked newcomer singing about finding fame and fortune. “Now I got the life I wanted/Hopin’ I don’t fuck it up and make mistakes, I’m just human,” he sings over the ISM-produced beat. He also sings about what his “new money” has afforded him, including a Patek Phillippe watch, all-white Rolls Royce Ghost, and a spot in Beverly Hills. “Nouveau Riche” is the third song on RMR’s debut EP, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art, which dropped Friday. 

Buddy, “Black 2” 

On “Black 2” Buddy is unapologetic as he calls out people who love Black culture, but don’t respect Black people. “Everybody wanna rap on beats/Everybody wanna eat watermelon and fried chicken/But sorry it's a black thing,” he raps. He later discusses people who wear dreads and girls who tan to get darker skin. Some of the lyrics are bound to cause a debate, but it doesn’t sound like Buddy is worried. “I don’t give a fuck, I said the shit,” he declares.

DaBaby f/ Roddy Ricch, “Rockstar BLM Remix” 

After it hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, DaBaby and Roddy Ricch are back at it again with the Black Lives Matter remix of “Rockstar.” On the track, DaBaby discusses his multiple run-ins with the police saying, “Cops wanna pull me over, embarrass me/Abusin' power, you never knew me, thought I was arrogant/As a juvenile, police pulled their guns like they scared of me.” Roddy shares a similar experience, recalling a time the police stopped him at a gas station. “Rockstar BLM Remix” joins several new protest songs that speak out against police brutality in the wake of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s murders. 

Teyana Taylor f/ IMAN, “Wake Up Love” 

“Wake Up Love” is a gentle R&B ballad that finds Teyana Taylor joining forces with her husband Iman Shumpert. On the track, Teyana pulls Iman close as they lie together in bed. “But I just need you holdin’ me/Show me some attention/I want you to wake up love,” she sings. Iman comes in later, spitting, “I’d save you from a burnin’ building/I wear the burns as gold medals, turn you on to remember.” In addition to the couple’s union on wax, Teyana dropped an accompanying music video, which reveals she is expecting their second child. 

Chloe x Halle, “Forgive Me”

Don’t be fooled by the title. Chloe x Halle aren’t asking for forgiveness on “Forgive Me.” Instead, they are singing about moving on and taking their power back after a failed relationship. “Give me back all my time/So forgive me, no, not really,” Halle sings. In addition to their empowering lyrics written by Nija Charles, Chloe x Halle’s sultry and soothing melodies over Sounwave’s bass-filled beat is what will make this a fan favorite. “Forgive Me” appears on the sister duo’s second studio album Unglodly Hour, which dropped Friday. 

NLE Choppa, “Shotta Flow 5” 

NLE Choppa is keeping his “Shotta Flow” series going with the fifth installment. Similar to the previous tracks, “Shotta Flow 5” includes a stripped-down beat with heavy piano keys, courtesy of producers Xavi and Payday. On the track, which only has one verse, NLE raps about guns and his rapper lifestyle. “Shotta Flow 5” comes shortly after NLE dropped “Different Day,” which was a remix of Lil Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred.” 

Kaash Paige, “Jaded”

“Jaded” is a moody track from Kaash Paige that finds the songbird blending smooth R&B sounds with hazy production. On the track, she sings about getting faded, although it’s less clear whether her intoxicated state is due to a wild romance or the “pills and potions.” “Now you got me jaded/I’m in this room, hella I’m faded,” she sings. “Jaded” is one of those late-night records that you can vibe out to while lying on the floor in the dark. 

Chucky73 f/ Fivio Foreign, “Nili

Bronx-based artist Chucky73 teamed up with Brooklyn’s Fivio Foreign for an explosive new record. On “Nili,” Chucky73 weaves in and out of Spanish and English lyrics as he raps about getting to the bag. Fivio feels right at home, gliding over the drill beat. His verse isn’t very long, but he still manages to leave an impression.  “We got a problem we shoot up the party,” Fivio spits. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Chucky73’s label Sie7etr3 The Label entered into a distribution deal with Caroline Records, so we could be seeing a lot more from the Bronx artist in the coming months. 

Tyla Yaweh f/ Post Malone, “Tommy Lee” 

After announcing the single back in May, Tyla Yaweh finally released his new collaboration with Post Malone this month. “Tommy Lee” is a soft trap song with melodic flows and vocals. On the track, Tyla and Post make references to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and his bad boy lifestyle. “I'm livin' life like a rockstar/Pullin' up, stretch limousines/To look at me, that cost a fee,” Tyla raps on the chorus. Post slides in on the third verse with braggadocious lines like, “I'm pretty as fuck, wanna copy me/I heard you was mad 'cause I'm poppin' as shit.”