Munich-based production duo KIDSØ first emerged with their debut EP Apart in 2018 and quickly earned a reputation for crafting atmospheric, frost-licked soundscapes inspired by their roots in Northern Europe. However, in the brief time since then, things have changed somewhat for them and much of that stems from a series of trips they made to South Africa.

Today they present their new single "Childhood" and its the first chance we have to hear how those changes have manifested. Gone are the soft and chilly synth washes of their previous releases and in their place stand driving, layered rhythms and exuberant, youthful vocals that burst vigorously through the mix. It may appear to be a far cry from their roots, but at its heart, they're still all about whipping up emotion and passion with their soundscapes — its just more colourful this time.

Speaking on their sonic evolution, KIDSØ explained, "The single 'Childhood' is the first step away from the cold and quiet Northern regions of Europe, which gave us inspiration for the debut EP Apart. The production of the track started in late 2017 and got its color due to frequent trips to South Africa in 2018. At that time, the main vocal melody evolved and got complimented by sounds from the countryside."

"Childhood" officially drops tomorrow via Springstoff, but until then you can hit play below and pre-order here.

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