Lupe Fiasco has an unconventional approach to almost everything he does—including responding to trolls. 

Often times, fans feel entitled to attention from artists because they feel like their contributions keep the act's lights on. This was thrown in Lupe Fiasco's face by a fan named Pat Rooney who direct messaged Lupe on Instagram after he ignored his Instagram Live comments. 

"Damn man. We the fans made u rich and u don’t even have decency to acknowledge us, that’s so wrong man. ur doing it wrong," the fan wrote. 

Instead of responding with a joke or clapping back in anger, Lupe decided to post a screenshot of the messages on his Instagram account with the caption: "Acknowledgement." He then showed how talented he is by turning the situation into a playful freestyle called, "Pat On The Back." 

For this song, Lupe laces Eminem's "Stan" instrumental with some facts that prove fans aren't as financially important to artists as they would like to believe. 

"I know that you're a fan who felt like you did a lot for me/But, I had something to do with writing them raps/Right? Possibly?" Lupe raps before breaking down the average fan's financial contribution. 

"Even with all of that/I don't want to downplay your role/Believe me. ... The last you want to hear is some fan say that he made me/Or that you pay my bill," Lupe continues. "You pay like $10 to keep it real/If you bought every album that would probably be like 50 or 60/If you did a show, that's another 35/That's less than $100, that's not enough to keep us alive."

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's playful troll above.