Kyle is marking his 27th birthday by sharing a new song and video titled "What It Is," produced by Mick Shultz.

As Kyle explained of the new single on Monday, which arrived alongside a new video directed by Jakob Owens, he was originally planning to hold off on a release due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

Image via Max Mauricio

"I was so afraid of COVID-19 keeping me from having smash hit songs that I was gonna push it 'til next year," Kyle said. "I feel this enormous pressure to deliver chart-topping songs every time and somewhere down the line I've convinced myself it's what you [my fans] want from me too. But that was never my mission in the first place. I came to Earth to make feel-good music to make you happy when times are tough. Well, times are pretty tough, and people need some sunshine."

Back in February, Kyle enlisted Rich the Kid and K. Camp for the single "Yes!" Both "What It Is" and "Yes!" are set to be among the final tracklist choices for Kyle’s upcoming sophomore album, which can be expected soon.