French Montana showed his self-confidence when he made it clear he's willing to go hit-for-hit with Kendrick Lamar. Although he had to weather a lot of backlash for this comment, French still isn't shying away from challengers. 

During a conversation with DJ E Rock on 92.3's The Bassment, French said he's willing to put his catalog against any artist when hits are the focal point. Although French claims he's willing to square up with anybody, the rapper does admit that there are two titans who have more reach than him. 

"I feel like I could go against anybody," French said around 12 minutes into the interview. "I know Drake probably got me. JAY-Z got me. But besides that, it's whatever. It's open game. Of course, there's people like Snoop when his thing bang, it's like Dr. Dre and all that respect to him." 

Despite knowing his limitations, French still isn't running away from any potential bout as he explained to E Rock that taking a loss isn't the worst thing that can happen.

"You can put me against anybody. If I take the L, I take the L," he continued. "I'm not scared to lose. This is about me believing in myself."

Watch French Montana's full interview with DJ E Rock above.