On Wednesday, Offset teamed up with Young Thug, Rich the Kid, and SAINt JHN to hold a virtual music live stream titled Offset and Friends. The event, which was Presented by Oculus Venues and Supersphere, raised funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

During Young Thug's performance, the Atlanta rapper revealed that he suffered from both kidney and liver failure. 

"So, I kinda just stayed in the bed and I was like, 'Yo call the ambulance. I can't move my body.' Then later... when the ambulance came, I couldn't get out of the bed," Thug, who's struggled with lean abuse, said. "They had to get me out of the bed basically. I felt like my whole body was numb and I couldn't move. I went to the hospital and I had found out that I had liver and kidney failure. And I kinda had sorta passed away like I kinda died. I was in the hospital for like 17 days. I left the hospital, my mom didn't trust it. So I left the hospital, went to another hospital, they was like, 'Man, you got liver and kidney failure. You supposed to be dead. Basically, you've been dead.' I've been killed before."

Thug then went on to play "Killed Before" from Super Slimey, his collaborative tape with Future. On the track, Thug sings, "Everyone know I've been killed before." After he finished performing, Thug told the audience that "drugs aren't good, don't do drugs"

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