Since his start in 2017, Atlanta's latest lightning bolt of talent Zaia has racked up some serious streaming numbers — last year's Reset EP in particular earned him seven-figure Spotify streams alone — and he looks set to repeat that success with his latest genre-bending masterpiece "Innerstate".

Fusing some of his many musical loves — hip-hop, R&B, '70s funk and rock — "Innerstate" is driven forward by galloping drums and lurching synths, setting the scene for his fluid and instantly appealing vocal style.

The audio dropped earlier today and now it's time for the video. Directed by Patrick Tohill and The Misunderstoods team, the "Innerstate" video follows Zaia on a fateful trip to his local cornerstore where a case of mistaken identity finds him fleeing from a gung ho police officer and the salivating media. As you'd expect, it's an incredibly tense situation and although we never see how the situation resolves, we can sadly probably guess. 

Oh, and let's also take a moment for the 'eyewitness' featured at the midpoint who delivers possibly some of the greatest and funniest acting we've ever seen in a music video.