Born in Leeds but raised in London, the concept of identity has always been important to emerging talent Farrah. On her latest track "ID" (which dropped last week via via Dummy Mag's DMY imprint) she explores that very topic, balancing her Middle Eastern background with London's pulsing underground club sounds and classic R&B tropes.

The visuals, directed by Xiao-Wei Lu, do a stellar job of bringing the themes of overlapping identity to the fore. Backed by elaborate Persian rugs, Farrah sings with a self-assured power that can only come from a place of absolute self-confidence. It's not just about the cultural aspects of her identity, it's also about standing tall in the face of situations that might try to push you into being someone or something you're not.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Farrah explains, "'ID' was written about feeling like you'll never be quite enough for someone or something you think you desire, whether that be a person, group of people or career path. I regularly see people trying to fit someone else's ideal, losing their own self in the process. I want this song to encourage people to accept their strengths and weaknesses and embrace their unique identities.

"I wanted the video to capture me within a setting that fuses the different moods and elements that make me who I am, like I do with my music," she adds. "After getting to know me, the director, Lu, really brought this idea to life and took it to the next step."