Just like every other aspect of life, women in rap have to combat double standards when it comes to their lyrical content. Yet, Megan Thee Stallion won't let this impact the way she crafts her music. 

Megan's sexually charges lyrics helped her break into stardom. While some may look at this as depicting a liberated young woman, others believe that she's a one-dimensional act that only talks about sex. During a recent profile with Marie Claire, Megan attacks her pundits by highlighting the flaws in their argument. 

"A man can be as mediocre as he wants to be but still be praised. A man can talk about how he’s about to do all of these drugs and then come and shoot your house up. But as soon as I say something about my vagina, it’s the end of the world?" Megan said. She goes on to claim that this is a misogynistic stance that has more to do with her gender than her content. 

"What are you really mad about? You cannot be mad about me rapping about sex. That’s not what you’re mad about," she continues. "It’s something deeper." 

“Not only am I rapping about sex, I’m rapping about you making me feel good. I’m not rapping about licking on you. No, you’re going to do what I told you to do, and I feel like sometimes that can be a little intimidating...Sometimes it’s overwhelming to some men. They can’t handle it, they get a little shook, they get a little scared. But I’m not going nowhere, so get used to it."

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) time Meg has had to address double standards. In her May 2019 cover story for The Fader, Megan said that she faces harsher judgment because she's a woman. 

"Being a girl too—they criticize you harder than they criticize men," Megan said. "If I was out there making little noises like Uzi and Carti be making, they would not rock with that. And not saying that they don’t be going hard, because we definitely finna turn up to both of them, but if it was a chick, like—no."

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