Fivio Foreign is one of the notable names in Brooklyn's drill movement. As a result, he's taking it upon himself to sound off on rappers who he believes are trying to encroach on the culture he has helped build from the ground up.

On Saturday, videos started to surface of Fivio's Instagram Live session. In the clips, the Brooklyn rapper takes objection to French Montana using the drill sound but not helping other artists from the community.

"French Montana wilding, n***a," Fivio said. He went on to condemn French for using Mr. Swipey in his social media videos but not helping him build a platform. 

"He gonna have Swipey dancing and spinning in every video like he some type of back up dancer," he continued. "You ain't 'bout to be using drill beats and having n****s spinning. Put that n***a on a song or something like that."

To Fivio, French giving opportunities to acts like Mr. Swipey to help promote his music isn't truly benefiting the artists. 

"N****s like Meek, Drake—n****s like that. Them n****s putting on," Fivio said. "Them n****s is doing songs with n****s. Them n****s is sharing n****s' posts. ... I see n****s trying to be down trying to do what n****s do. Cool, I'm not mad. Do what n****s do. But at the end of the day, put on for n****s."

Watch Fivio Foreign's comments about French Montana above.