As part of the launch of their new Way Up documentary series (which follows on from last year's Tales Of Making Waves series), renowned musical instrument and electronics brand Yamaha have teamed up with East London singer JNR Williams for the second edition, following the debut with Wyldest frontwoman Zoe Mead.

The series is designed to shine a spotlight on emerging talent and give their burgeoning careers a boost. For this second edition, Williams took Yamaha on a tour around Hackney and the other London spots that helped shape him as an artist. After showing us around we're then treated to an intimate performance as Williams sits at a Yamaha grand piano to show us what he's made of.

Speaking on his relationship with Yamaha and what it means to him, Williams explained: "I remember when I first started writing 'A Prayer', it was on a little Yamaha keyboard that I bought from Argos. A melody and a few chords. Thank you to Yamaha's Way Up series for reminding me of the writing stages of the track."

In addition to the doc, the Way Up series also includes a panel where various artists, including JNR Williams and Zoe Mead will talk about their experiences in the music industry and the paths they've taken. The panel will take place on March 17 at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in Tokyo.