Rihanna's first feature since the N.E.R.D. cut "Lemon" arrived overnight in the form of PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Believe It," produced by NinetyFour, Cardiak, and Bizzness Boi.

A Rolling Stone piece published Friday breaks down how the surefire PARTYMOBILE megahit came together, including the revelation that placeholder vocals for what would later become Rihanna's part were actually laid down by PND's girlfriend.

In fact, Rihanna's finished vocals weren't even sent over to PND's team until Monday of this week.

"You're a young kid waiting for that present, you wake up, and it's just there," NinetyFour told writer Elias Leight of his and Bizness Boi's decision to not ask PND to send over a preview of the final "Believe It" ahead of its streaming release.

The PARTYMOBILE single began as an instrumental from Cardiak featuring a pitched-up vocal sample and guitar that became the foundation for the full song to come. Bizness Boi got his hands on the instrumental while in Paris with other songwriters for a writing camp session, which at first resulted in the track being considered for a French artist whose name now escapes him.

From there, the track made its way to NinetyFour, who beefed up the instrumental before a friend suggested sending it to PND's people, ultimately leading to the song being teased on PND's Snapchat.

Stream "Believe It" up top, and catch the full RS behind-the-scenes interview here.

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