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R. Kelly is facing more charges in Brooklyn after being accused of raping an underage girl, and giving her and another woman herpes without revealing he had the disease. The indictment was filed on Friday morning in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The singer reportedly gave the disease to the underage girl in 2015 and to the woman in 2017. He’s also been accused of videotaping having sex with the girl later that year, according to court documents obtained by Complex.

The new charges include coercion and enticement, coercion of a minor, and transportation of a minor across state lines. Coercion and enticement carries a minimum 10-year sentence. The prosecution has acquired evidence that allegedly shows Kelly transported a minor across state lines, including copies of the girl’s plane tickets. In some instances, he would supposedly fly girls to cities where he was performing.

In the court docs, the girl—who claims they had sex before she was 18—said Kelly never told her he had herpes. The second woman was allegedly exposed to the disease when she had unprotected sex with Kelly.

Kelly has also been hit with new racketeering charges in Chicago for supervising an operation that trafficked women and underage girls who attended his shows. He purportedly made the girls call him “Daddy” and wouldn’t let them leave their rooms or eat without his approval.

Kelly is currently being held in an Illinois federal prison as he awaits his trial on child sex charges. He’ll be tried in federal court in Chicago before he’s tried in Brooklyn.

In February, Kelly was hit with a new indictment in Chicago after being accused of more sexual abuse, which means his April trial could be pushed back. Overall, he is facing child pornography, obstruction of justice, and racketeering charges in Chicago.