Yorkshire-based DJ and producer Watky, who also happens to run the Illicit Music label, is an eclectic soul to say the least. His past ventures have seen him dip his toes into a range of club sounds over the years. For his latest outing, the Solar EP (dropping Monday, March 23 via his own label), he's gone deep into his beloved house music with a nifty four-tracker. 

Ahead of the official release, we're lifting the lid on the title track, a 4x4 thumper built on a chassis of deep, squelchy basslines, fluttering melodies and some energetic drum patterns. Sadly, it may be some time before this one can be (safely) enjoyed in its proper club setting, but there's probably no better time to boost your energy levels. And what better way to do so than with a seven-minute rave workout? 

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