Last year, Antwerp-based trio KRANKk announced they'd be releasing their debut album Dark and with the announcement came the project's lead single, "Crazy" with David Ngyah. Now they're back with the second single, "Don't Forget", and they've called on Manga Saint Hilare and Sheffield rhymer Coco for the assist.

Clearly a trio whose love for grime and the UK underground runs deep, KRANKk's production offers an Eastern-tinged, spacious grime riddim that should evoke all sorts of memories for ardent grime fans. Between the chugging bass and fragile melodies, KRANKk have given Manga and Coco plenty of space to get poetic, dishing out rhymes about self-improvement and atoning for the mistakes in their past.

Speaking with Complex via email, KRANKk told us: "'Don't Forget' rationalises the good and bad experiences that life can bring. The larger questions of life & the search for independence are addressed; learning from your mistakes and coming out stronger."

The single and their debut album Dark will both be released on Friday, March 13.

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