As you've no doubt seen, everything's in tatters and the news somehow manages to get incrimentally worse with each passing day. You may also have seen people on your timeline recommending books, films and music as a sanity-preserver. Well, let us add one more to your list with this stunning new track from producer Koloto, aka Canterbury-based Maria Sullivan.

Originally conceived as one long track, before she decided to split it into three parts, this first part of "IOA" is an uplifting yet calming piece of electronica that swells with colour and light — a much-needed antidote to the bleakness all around us right now. Although Sullivan describes the track as "unfinished" below, "IOA (Part One)" is far more than that, leaving us all wondering what the remaining two parts could possibly have in store for us when they drop at the end of the week.

Koloto shares some of her creative rhythms and her journey to overcome them, "When writing music I tend to get stuck in a cycle of creating multiple incarnations of an idea. I often reach a point where I can't decide which to use, and as a result nothing gets used. 'IOA' is a rebellion against this particular artistic struggle. It's a series of ideas created from the same basic chord progression, It could be viewed as three movements or as standalone tracks. On a personal level it's really liberating to release something that's 'unfinished' and serves as a reminder to myself not to confuse musical norms with constraints."

"IOA (Part One)" is taken from the IOA EP, due March 20.

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