In recent years, it has become assumed that plenty of entertainers dabble in opioids. This stigma has been attached to Lil Baby for some of his behavior during interview/on-camera appearances, prompting the rapper to take to Twitter where he dispelled these rumors.

"I don’t take Percocets!!" Lil Baby tweeted early in the morning on Wednesday.

Fans have pointed out several instances where they believe the rapper's bizarre behavior was sparked by him being high off Percocets or fighting withdrawals from addiction.

These claims resurfaced following his recent Breakfast Club interview during which he toyed around with a closed water bottle while answering questions.

Lil Baby recognizes that his lyrics helped create some of this speculation. During an interview with the New York Times, he addressed the drug abuse rumors. He knows that rapping about doing Percocet has allowed people to formulate this opinion about him. As a result, he's trying to rid his songs of any drug references. 

"I’m trying. Because I done rapped about drugs that I don’t even take. People think I take ’em and then people take ’em thinking I take ’em. Like popping Percs [Percocet]. I don’t pop Percs—period," Lil Baby said. "Every now and then, I used to take a half of one, but I say it in my raps because I might pop one and that’s what’s going on." 

Fans can hear the rapper's new approach to making music on his upcoming mixtape, Lamborghini Boys, which will reportedly drop in two months.

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