Before delivering his debut project, North Carolina-raised musician Jordan Hawkins is looking to make a strong impression with "Thankful." Now based out of Los Angeles, the multi-instrumentalist gracefully blends genres on the soulful track, which also features Lish.

Accompanied by a Mac Grant and Chad Tennies-directed video (with assistance by Anthony Supreme and story by Since the 80s), "Thankful" offers a promising look at what Hawkins is capable of. At just 22, he's already on track to make a name for himself with his deeply expressive sound.

Hawkins is expected to release this debut EP in the near future. "It's always fueled my fire to keep pushing, keep focusing on my craft," he said. "No matter what you're passionate about, there needs to be someone out there with a voice and a story, letting you know that you actually can find success by doing something you truly love."

Watch the premiere of the video for "Thankful" above.